Download the Personnel Grounding Strap datasheet

Technical Specification:

Applications: Providing supplementary means of grounding personnel working in Hazardous Locations.
Clamp material: Zinc plated.
Spring material: Galvanized steel torsion spring with 2.5 turns.
Clamp dimensions: 4.7" x 0.6" / 119 mm x 15 mm (length x width).
Maximum jaw opening: 1.2" (30 mm).
Clamp teeth: 1 pair of sharpened stainless steel teeth - set in opposite positions.
FM Approved: FM Certificate of Compliance number: 3046346.
Cable supplied: 12 ft. spiral with quick release fastener. Fastener fitted with 1 meg-ohm resistor to limit the effects of electric shock from stray electrical currents.
Wrist strap Anti-allergy adjustable wrist strap.


NOTE: this product should be used in combination with flooring and footwear capable of dissipating static charge off people, particularly in situations where operators are not making sufficient contact with the static dissipative flooring via their static dissipative shoes. Newson Gale supplies a footwear tester that can determine if the operator's shoes are static dissipative and safe to use in a Hazardous Location. 


Alternative Solutions:

Want a double PIRANHA clamp?
Want a PIRANHA clamp on a reel?  


Personnel Grounding Strap with PIRANHA Clamp options