Download the Static Grounding Reel datasheet

Technical Specification:

Applications: Grounding and bonding metal objects ranging from small cans to 55 gallon drums.
Clamp material: Zinc plated.
Spring material: Galvanized steel torsion spring with 2.5 turns.
Clamp dimensions: 4.7" x 0.6"  (120 mm x 15 mm) length x width.
Maximum jaw opening: 1.2" (30 mm).
Clamp teeth: 1 pair of sharpened stainless steel teeth - set in opposite positions.
FM approved: FM Certificate of Compliance number: 3046346.
Cable supplied: Cab-Lite multi-stranded galvanized steel with hi-viz yellow coating.
Reel housing dimensions: 7.5" x 6.1" x 2.0"  (190 mm x 155 mm x 51 mm) approx.
Reel mounting holes: Reel 20 = 2 off 0.27" x 0.38" (6.750 mm x 9.53 mm) Reel 50 = 4 off 0.41" (10.32 mm)
Cable lengths: Select 20 ft. or 50 ft.
Wire diameter: 3/32" galvanized braided cable - 1/8" with Cab-Lite coating.
Reel housing: Latchable spring mounted cable drum mounted in powder coated steel housing.


Alternative Solutions:

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