Static Grounding Clamps

Newson Gale's Factory Mutual approved static grounding clamps are supplied in three basic configurations.

Heavy Duty clamps are designed for longevity in harsh operating conditions and are supplied in two sizes, standard VEXS45 and large VESX90. The clamps are made from stainless steel and are supplied with durable Cen- Stat cable.

The PIRANHA is a general purpose grounding clamp featuring point-on-point grounding teeth set in an ergonomic and easy to operate clamp assembly.

X90 Clamps X90 ClampX90 Clamp Double X90 ClampDouble X90 Clamp
X45 Clamps X45 ClampX45 Clamp Double X45 ClampDouble X45 Clamp X45 with Personnel Grounding StrapX45 Clamp with Grounding Strap
Piranha Clamps Piranha ClampPiranha Clamp Double Piranha ClampDouble Piranha Clamp Piranha with Grounding StrapPiranha Clamp with Grounding Strap Piranha Alternative Assemblies