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The options below illustrate solutions available for static grounding in hazardous areas:

Grounding clamps on cable Grounding Clamp on reels
Personnel Grounding
Newson Gale's Factory Mutual approved static grounding clamps are supplied in three basic configurations to suit many applications.

The PIRANHA is a general purpose grounding clamp featuring point-on-point grounding teeth set in an ergonomic and easy to operate clamp assembly.

The X45 is a standard sized Factory Mutual approved clamp that can ground or bond objects ranging from small containers to closed top 55 gallon barrels.

The X90 is a large Factory Mutual approved clamp that can ground objects ranging from open top 55 gallon barrels to metal totes (IBCs) and large containers.

Newson Gale's grounding reels are supplied with standard lengths of cable that are 20 ft., 50 ft. and 75 ft. in length.  All reels feature spring mounted and lockable retractable mechanisms to enable quick spooling of the cable to and from the reel.

Reels can be purchased with the X45, X90, or PIRANHA clamp options.

The additional range of grounding and bonding assemblies cater for customer specific applications.

These feature PIRANHA clamps fitted with stainless steel cable (uncoated) and PIRANHAs paired together with stainless steel cable.

The grounding clamp and wrist strap assembly provides operators working in hazardous locations with an additional layer of protection against fires or explosions caused by static electricity.