FM Approved Static Grounding Clamps

Heavy Duty clamps come in two sizes with a range of assembly and cable length options. Both clamps are made from stainless steel and feature a pair of tungsten carbide teeth set side by side to provide unrivalled grip on equipment that requires secure static grounding protection. 

The VESX45 is a standard sized Factory Mutual approved clamp that can ground or bond objects ranging from small containers to closed top 55 gallon barrels.

The VESX90 is a large Factory Mutual approved clamp that can ground objects ranging from open top 55 gallon barrels to metal totes (IBCs) and large containers.

Both clamps can be purchased as individual items or, more typically, are supplied with various lengths of Cen-Stat cable. Cen-Stat cable is a unique formulation that combines the chemical and mechanical resistance of Hytrel with static dissipative and anti-UV protective additives. 

VESX45 Clamp Double X45 Clamp VESX45 Clamp Personnel Grounding Strap VESX90 Grounding Clamp Double VESX90 Grounding Clamp
X45 clamp and cable option Double X45 clamp assembly option Personnel grounding strap with X45 clamp X90 clamp and cable option Double X90 clamp assembly option