Newson Gale Static Grounding Equipment & Assemblies

For over 30 years Newson Gale has been in the business of protecting people,
plant and business assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity.

Grounding clamps on cable Grounding Clamp on reels Alternative Assemblies Personnel Grounding

Our webstore will provide you with a range of grounding and bonding solutions that have a history of proven ruggedness and, most importantly, connection reliability to a range of objects at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks in Hazardous Locations. Our goal is to help you quickly navigate your way to a solution that matches your static grounding and bonding requirements.

All you need to do is identify what product you think would be a good match for your application and follow the links to the point where you can specify the product, the quantity required and select the delivery option.  

If you can't see what you want, contact us so that one our technical sales team can respond to your specific enquiry. 


Please Note: The Newson Gale webstore currently ships orders to U.S. locations only. If you are located in Canada or Latin America and want to place an order please call us on 732-961-7610.